Five of the Nation’s Leading Health Data Organizations Launch Health Data Utility Maturity Model

The maturity model supports state health and policy leaders in planning and advancing their states’ information infrastructure

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Consortium for State and Regional Interoperability (CSRI), a collection of the nation’s largest and most robust nonprofit health data organizations, announced today the release of the CSRI Health Data Utility Maturity Model at the HIMSS23 conference, which takes place in Chicago from April 17 to 21.

Five of the nation’s leading health data organizations propose the CSRI Health Data Utility Maturity Model to address the most pressing health and public health challenges facing states across the country. Three of these challenges are maternal health disparities, the opioid use disorder epidemic, and infectious disease outbreaks.

The CSRI Health Data Utility Maturity Model provides a structure for states and the health data organizations within those states to clarify, advance, and apply the health data utility concept. The maturity model includes a robust tiered model of the characteristics and services of a health data utility and the private and public segments it serves.

A health data utility is a nonprofit organization serving as a public-private resource for robust clinical and non-clinical data that can be leveraged by state and other health and health care stakeholders to achieve healthier communities.

A graduated structure that includes foundational, intermediate, and advanced levels, the CSRI Health Data Utility Maturity Model offers a starting point to help health care, health data, and government leaders identify assets and gaps in their respective states.

A health data utility that follows the CSRI Health Data Utility Maturity Model serves the needs of the private sector, the government/nonprofit sector, and academia. Services offered by health data utilities within states can range from clinical data exchange and electronic health record (EHR) integration at the foundational level, public health services and claims exchange at the intermediate level, and research/academic services and certification for quality and public health reporting at the advanced level.

Founding CSRI health data organizations include Denver-based Contexture (the umbrella organization of health data networks in Colorado and Arizona), Baltimore-based CRISP, Omaha-based CyncHealth, Indianapolis-based Indiana Health Information Exchange, and Emeryville, Calif.-based Manifest MedEx.

“Each state should have a statewide health data utility,” said John Kansky, CSRI board officer and president and CEO of Indiana Health Information Exchange. “While most states have organizations and assets that help meet health data needs, we all have work to do and gaps to fill. It’s my hope that this maturity model helps guide all states toward a unified health data utility, regardless of their starting point.”

“The United States is a global technology leader, but our nation’s health and policy establishment has been unable to fully realize the return on investments in our health IT infrastructure to improve the health and well-being of our communities,” said Morgan Honea, CSRI president and executive vice president of Contexture. “The CSRI Health Data Utility Maturity Model provides a structure for health and policy leaders to ensure that people in cities and towns across the country live healthy, productive lives.”

CSRI founding health data organization CRISP was designated as Maryland’s health data utility in October 2022. Connecting health care providers and the Maryland Department of Health, CRISP serves as its state’s health data utility after passage of the first legislation of its kind in the country.

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