Experts Say Better Health Data Sharing, Clearer Communication From State Needed To Improve CalAIM

Data sharing is critical to the achievement of CalAIM’s goals, according to a group of experts who spoke at our 2022 Los Angeles State of Reform Health Policy Conference last week. Experts on our “CalAIM implementation issues” panel also spoke about their organizations’ successes and challenges so far with the statewide CalAIM initiative to reform Medi-Cal.

Many of these points were also brought up in the Insure The Uninsured Project’s 2022 regional workgroups on stakeholder experiences with the first year of CalAIM implementation.

Mimi Hall, Vice President of Public Health Innovation at Manifest MedEx, emphasized the importance of the statewide exchange of health information in order to fulfill the requirements of CalAIM.

Read the full article featuring Mimi Hall, Vice President of Public Health Innovation, Manifest MedEx, published in State of Reform.