California’s Data Exchange Framework Released

On July 5th, the California Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS) released the final Data Exchange Framework, associated Data Sharing Agreement (DSA), and the initial set of Policies and Procedures (P&Ps). This is the culmination of over nine months of stakeholder discussions and recommendations to CalHHS, including consistent input from MX, that we have chronicled through our News and Perspective recaps.It also puts the Golden State on track to meet its obligations under Assembly Bill 133. Under that law, health plans and most health care providers in California must sign the DSA on or before January 31, 2023, and begin sharing data with other participants in the following year. This includes:

  • Responding to requests for, exchanging, and/or making available health and social service information related to treatment, payment, some health care operations, and public health activities;
  • Sharing (at a minimum) data elements within the United States Core Data for Interoperability, and federal Interoperability and Patient Access regulations for public programs;
  • The first batch of P&Ps permit providers and health plans to use various technology solutions to meet the data sharing mandate—including Qualified Health Information Organizations that will be designated by the state to serve as data exchange intermediaries.
MX is excited to become a Qualified HIO and embark with all our participants on this long-awaited milestone. We also look forward to being involved in the next phase of P&P development and implementation with CalHHS and stakeholders.

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