Are You Ready for the January 2024 CalHHS Data Exchange Framework (DxF) Deadline?

2024 will undoubtedly be another year focused on advancing health and social services data sharing and connecting the California health ecosystem to transform care delivery in our state. We are already implementing CalAIM, which requires robust data sharing to achieve the goals of providing seamless care coordination for the most vulnerable of our Medi-Cal population. And next year, the state will ramp up its work in implementing the California Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS) Data Exchange Framework (DxF), which requires most health organizations to sign a single statewide Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) and exchange health data with each other throughout California by January 2024.

The ambitious and inspiring “North Star” for the DxF is that: “Every Californian, no matter where one lives within our state, should be able to walk into a doctor’s office, a county social service agency, or an emergency room and be assured health and social services providers can access the information they need to provide safe, effective, whole-person care — while keeping our data private and secure.” It’s a vision that we can and should all support for a “Healthy California for All.”

These data sharing initiatives will help physician groups and practices provide better and more efficient care for their patients, spending less time and resources on faxing and chasing records, and more time on what’s really important—providing the best care. This is achieved by having secure and permitted access to health information on their patients, such as whether they have been admitted, lab and test results, and discharge summaries. As the proverbial phrase goes, “Knowledge is power,” and physicians and care teams can make better and more timely care decisions with the right information.

Read the full article by Bill Barcellona, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs, America’s Physician Groups and Felix Su is Director, Health Policy, Manifest MedEx, published in Healthcare News.