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MX Notify Use Cases

Notifications in Action
Use cases

ER Physicians

Make better informed decisions by receiving valuable information in the right place at the right time. When patients arrive to the ED, MX will send you applicable data in real time, including prior admissions, Continuity of Care documents and others, straight to your EMR system or any other channel of your choice.

Hospital Case Managers

Ensure that patients get appropriate and timely care with real-time notifications. Notifications include information such as previous hospital admissions and diagnoses, as well as a patient’s health plan and PCP. These alerts allow you to proactively take action and improve patient outcomes, reduce patients’ length of stay, cost and likelihood of readmission.

Health Plans and Payers

Communicate live updates on patients across multiple teams of providers and care coordinators. Real time notifications on patients’ admissions and discharges can be disbursed to members of your care team along with important information for them to act on, such as diagnosis, encounter history, and others. Sharing with your care team the list of patients who require immediate follow up will benefit you in improving care coordination and the reduction of unnecessary utilization.

IPAs, ACOs, and Other Entities in Value-Based Contracts

Connect patients with their care providers prior to discharge. Real-time notifications on patients’ encounters and discharges allow you to instantly initiate patient follow-up by your care team. Identifying the right patients and their associated care providers, as well as coordinating follow ups, are made easy so you can save time, cost, and effort.

Primary/Principle Care Providers and Care Managers

Schedule follow ups immediately after acute care discharge using notifications. Notifications include updated contact information, discharge diagnosis and other serviceable data that allows you to not only quickly and efficiently contact your patients, but also provide them with important information about their condition and follow up plan. Furthermore, receiving actionable data in real time will enable you to better meet Transitional Care Management (TCM) requirements.

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